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Industrial water purification system

Product Description

Product Description

Industrial Pure Water Equipment

Brief description Water treatment equipment of process system:
Tap water enters the raw water tank, pressurized by the raw water pump, added flocculant through the dosing device, first enters the multi-media filter, Activated Carbon Filter to remove suspended solids, organic matter, residual chlorine, etc. in the raw water to protect the reverse osmosis membrane. The treatment process for First-Level Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Equipment , first of all, ensures that the entire process has a good foundation.

High efficient purification system

The pretreated water enters the security filter after adding the scale inhibitor through the dosing device to prevent scaling on the surface of the membrane module, prolong the service life of the membrane module, and ensure the normal operation of EDI. The water softener is used to pre-soften the raw water to reduce the hardness of the raw water. Then it is sent to the first-stage reverse osmosis (RO) system by a high-pressure pump. Under the action of pressure, it can remove more than 98% of inorganic salts, 99% of bacteria and heat sources through the principle of reverse osmosis membrane ion-level filtration. Finally, the RO effluent enters the intermediate water tank, pressurized by the intermediate water pump, and then enters the EDI device, the EDI effluent enters the pure water tank, and is pumped to the water point by the pure water. The concentrated water of the first-level RO (the salt, mechanical impurities, colloidal substances and a small part of the unpermeated water in the concentrated raw water are collected into the concentrated water) is discharged into the sewer.

Pure Water Treatment Equipment with Low Price
I. Pre-processing system
Because the reverse osmosis system has relatively high pollution index requirements, and the raw water quality is average, in order to ensure that the raw water meets the RO device's inlet water requirements after treatment, a pretreatment system is installed in front of the RO device.
The pretreatment system includes raw water tank, raw water pump, flocculant, multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, water softener. Ensure that the pollution index of the raw water entering the RO system meets the standard, and set up the RO process according to the source water quality and process to ensure that the effluent water quality meets the owner's requirements.

First Level Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Equipment

Process system characteristics
1. Fully automatic softened water treatment device (flow type, one use and one preparation).
2. 2 glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks (with positive resin inside), 2 sets of Fleck microcomputer control valve sets (flow type), 2 sets of salt valve and salt liquid tanks.
3. Control mode: independent automatic control system, automatically switch operation/regeneration according to the set cycle of water production, and is equipped with manual forced regeneration.
4. Regeneration method: downstream regeneration.

II. Reverse osmosis system for Pure Water Equipment

Antiscalant dosing system
In order to ensure that the surface of the membrane element does not scale, to ensure the long-term operation effect of the membrane, and to extend the service life of the membrane, this process is equipped with a scale inhibitor dosing device before the reverse osmosis device. By delaying the growth of salt crystals, the precipitation process is delayed, so that the crystals will not form a certain size and concentration and settle down. At the same time, the scale inhibitor has the function of a dispersant, which can make the insoluble salt in the reverse osmosis concentrated water or the dirt deposited on the surface of the membrane be discharged with the concentrated water to the outside of the reverse osmosis device. The scale inhibitor adopts American general Brady MDC220 new scale inhibitor.
Security Overthinker
In order to prevent the particles in the water from entering the reverse osmosis components, a security filter is specially installed before the reverse osmosis. It can effectively intercept the fine mechanical impurities and broken Activated Carbon particles leaked from the pretreatment equipment to ensure that these particles do not enter the RO system. The filter is equipped with a 5μm PP melt blown filter element.
Under normal working conditions, the filter element needs to be replaced when the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter is 1kg/cm2, and the filter structure meets the requirements for rapid replacement of the filter element.
The security filter has a pressure resistance of 0.4MPa, a large amount of pollution resistance, a large flux, a temperature resistance of 60°C, non-toxic, odorless, and no secondary pollution. The top is equipped with an exhaust valve, and the bottom is equipped with a discharge valve.

High-pressure pump
The high-pressure pump is the main operating equipment of the reverse osmosis system and provides a source of power for the operation of the reverse osmosis device. This system selects CR series stainless steel vertical multi-stage pump produced by GRUNDFOS company, which has the characteristics of compact structure, low noise and small area. A total of 1 high-pressure pump is installed in the system. The outlet of the high-pressure pump is equipped with an imported electric slow-opening valve, which is interlocked with the pump when it is started.
The water inlet of the high-pressure pump is equipped with a low-pressure protection switch. When the water inlet pressure is below the set value (0.05Mpa), the high-pressure pump will be stopped to prevent the high-pressure pump from being damaged by pumping.
The water outlet of the high-pressure pump is equipped with a high-pressure protection switch. When the outlet pressure continues to be higher than the set value (2.1Mpa), the high-pressure pump will be stopped to protect the high-pressure pump, pressure vessel, and membrane components from damage.
Reverse osmosis host
The reverse osmosis device is the core part of desalination. The water treated by reverse osmosis can effectively remove the salt in the water. Whether the design is reasonable or not is directly related to the investment cost, the economic benefits of the entire system operation, the service life, and the reliability and simplicity of operation. The reverse osmosis host is composed of membrane elements, pressure vessels, instruments, pipelines, valves, control boxes, instrument boxes, electrical control systems, racks, etc.
Reverse osmosis cleaning device
After long-term operation, various pollutants will accumulate on the reverse osmosis membrane surface, thereby reducing the performance of the reverse osmosis device (water production and desalination rate), and the pressure difference between the inlet water and the concentrated water increases. Therefore, in addition to the daily low-pressure flushing, a set of cleaning devices must be set up, and chemical cleaning should be carried out regularly, usually once every six months.
Ⅳ. EDI deep desalination part
This system is equipped with an EDI device, the water output is 2m3/h, and the Canadian Canpure product is selected.
E-CELLTM is a revolution in EDI technology. The E-CELL device is applied after the RO system to replace the ion exchange equipment. It has the advantages of stable water quality, low operating cost, convenient operation and management, and small footprint.
EDI technology uses direct current to force pollutant ions to continuously migrate out of the influent water, and pass through the resin bed and ion exchange membrane to collect into the concentrated water chamber. At the same time, direct current can ionize water molecules into hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, continuously regenerating the resin. EDI technology replaces the primary mixed bed in the traditional water treatment system, and can produce high-purity water continuously and predictably.
Ⅵ. Pure water system
Pure water tank, pure water pump
The reverse osmosis effluent enters the pure water tank, which is made of stainless steel. There is a high and low level controller in the water tank, which is linked with the desalinated water pump. A stainless steel centrifugal pump from Danish Grundfos is selected, which has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, low power consumption and low noise.
Pipeline valve
All pipe and valve parts are made of stainless steel.
Ⅶ. Operation and control system
PLC control can carry out real-time intelligent control and signal transmission of various parameters of the equipment.
(1) Pretreatment part
Multi-media filter and activated Carbon Filter are automatically controlled by Fleck microcomputer control valve group. All water tanks are equipped with liquid level control devices, which are linked with water pumps. It adopts fully automatic control, which can automatically operate and clean the equipment, and can be converted to on-site manual operation.
(2) Reverse osmosis part
The system is equipped with a central centralized control panel. The control of the entire system is in charge of the centralized control panel. The corresponding valve can be adjusted during the operation of the RO system, which can realize both automatic control and manual control. The automatic control is completed by the PLC microcomputer. The reverse osmosis high-pressure pump is equipped with high-pressure protection for the outlet water. When the outlet pressure is higher than 2.0Mpa, the operation of the high-pressure pump is stopped and the device enters the low-pressure flushing state. There is a solenoid valve on the reverse osmosis concentrated water side, which automatically enters the low-pressure flushing state every two hours or before or after the high-pressure pump runs.
The control function includes the running and stopping of the pump. The alarm signals include: high reverse osmosis inlet water temperature alarm, high pressure pump inlet low pressure alarm, high pressure pump outlet high pressure alarm, reverse osmosis product unqualified alarm, low liquid level alarm of the dosing tank, high liquid level and low liquid of each water tank Position alarm, high-pressure pump failure alarm.
(3) EDI part
EDI is composed of EDI module, rectifier and control box, and adopts PLC programming control.

Ultra Pure Water Equipment

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